About Us

We are Josh & Cassia Miller, the breeders behind Dogwood Homestead. Our little son Zeb is already quite interested in the dogs and they accept him as one of the family! We love the idea of raising our children around dogs, and we appreciate the balance that our dogs get learning to relate to babies right from the start.

Here at Dogwood Homestead, our goal is to raise beautiful, well-balanced puppies that will be treasured companions for you and your family.

There are plenty of puppies out there, we know. But many of those have not had a good foundation laid in their first formative weeks of life. We make a point of giving our puppies the best start possible. Yes, that means a clean environment and proper preventative health care. But it’s so much more than that! From day one we make a point to handle our puppies, introduce them to all kinds of smells, sights and sounds, and give them every opportunity to form good habits. Dogs are amazing animals, and if we provide what they need, they will reward us by being the loyal, devoted and well-behaved companions we want.

We breed both Standard Poodles and French Bulldogs. We find them each to be quite entertaining, fun-loving, playful, and personable. However, in other respects they are VERY different dogs! Please research these breeds before making a decision to adopt one of our pups.

Our Background

Both of us have grown up around dogs. Mixed-breed farm dogs, purebred family dogs, and adopted damaged dogs. We’ve seen firsthand how the environment and circumstances surrounding a pup’s early life make a huge impact on the dog it will become.

Here at Dogwood Homestead we have determined to raise our dogs in the best way possible for them to lead long, healthy and happy lives. They have lots of room to run on our acreage with a creek and woods – truly a dog’s paradise! We hope that one of our beautiful puppies can become a part of your family!