Birdie (formerly Tweet) found a new home with Katie in Nashville. Katie says: “Birdie is doing so well! And I think already pretty cozy and at home.” 4/27/2022

Grace (formerly Clover) flew from Nashville to Boston with Elissa, a flight nanny. Elissa reports: “She’s so sweet… She did so good on board!” Grace is now with her new mom, Nichole, in Maine. 4/29/2022

Groot (formerly Robin) is settling in well in his new home in Tennessee! His new owner, Sloan, comments: “He has been adjusting well to his new home and has been a good boy. He actually made it hard for me to go to work today because I didn’t want to be away from him all day!” 5/3/2022

Boo Boo (formerly Peeps) got to fly home to Maryland with her new owner, Josh. He says: “she’s home safe. Slept like a baby in the plane!” 5/3/2022