Babies and more Babies!

We’ve got lots of babies around here at Dogwood Homestead, and more on the horizon. The last week of June found us running to the vet twice for c-sections… a Saturday the 25th for Sophie, who surprised us with 5 pups (4 live) – the x-rays had shown only ONE! Missy went in the following Monday, and out came 8 whopping pups! Sadly we lost 5 of that litter in the first crucial days when they are so fragile. Missy was a bit of a nervous mother at first, not holding still to let the pups nurse. By now she has figured it out and is being a great mama to her remaining 3 pups.

Our son Zeb turned one on July 3. He loves the pups but needs lots of supervision with them. We are excited to announce that Zeb will have a sibling in January of 2023!

Handsome Gaston, our new Standard Poodle stud, joined the pack here in May. He seems to be doing his job, and if all goes well we should have 2 litters of beautiful parti colored Standards in September. Both are first-time mamas so it will be a busy time for us as we focus on getting them off to a good start!

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